salmon piccata & a crab cake

It’s been a week, the kind where when Friday comes you think about a double wee dram of single malt, a bowl of oatmeal, and maybe pull the covers up early. So to speak. Instead, Buck and I gathered ourselves and went to the store for weekend provisions.

Tonight was salmon piccata, which sounds fancy but is simple. It’s the capers that elevate it, along with the rare in our household butter swirled into the sauce. Ooh, my oh my.

The crabcakes were an experiment from the freezer. Eye opener. They were great, baked for 20 minutes in the little smart oven.

And, who knew? Curly parsley has returned to the produce shelves at our local Publix. Not that I had missed it. I grow a nice Italian variety, but it bolts so early here. Besides, I mostly grow it so the Gulf Coast frittilary butterfly catepillars have tasty munchings. So, what the hell, I bought a bundle of the curly parsley — it’s so springy — and minced it into submission for a garnish on the plate.

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